Q:   What type of tubs does your company work on?

A:  Cast iron, porcelain and fiberglass.   For showers we do corlian, tile and fiber glass.

Q:  Besides tubs and showers what other bathroom fixtures can you refinish?

A:  Jacuzzis, hot tubs, sinks, countertops and adjacent walls.

Q:  How do I receive an estimate?   

A:  The quickest way is for you to email us briefing describing the job(s) that needs to be done as well as attaching pictures of the affected bathroom tub and surrounding areas.  Within 48 hours we will respond back either via email or phone with questions if any, and/or free estimate.

Q:  Do you do plumbing work?

A:  Unfortunately this is outside of our area of expertise.  Over the years however we have worked with a handful of certified plumbing companies, which we happily will provide their names upon request.

Q:  Where's your price list?

 A:  We all know that pricing is a key factor in deciding whether works get done and which contractor gets the job.  At R's we are upfront with our cost estimates and assessments.  If there are any "gray areas" we will point these out as soon as possible, and not proceed with any work until you have approved it. 

Q:  What type of payments do you accept?

A:  Cash or checks are preferred.

Q:  How long will it take you to complete the refinishing to my tub?

A:  Normally it will take a couple days which includes preparation work.  However depending on the specific requirements this could possibly stretch out to a week.  When estimate is provided, more specific details to include length of project will be provided.

Q:  Do you guarantee your work?

A:  Yes.  One year on all refinishing jobs although if properly maintained, the "new look" should last upwards to 20 years.

Q:  How do I properly maintain tub after it has been refinished?

A:    A professionally refinished surface needs only mild, nonabrasive products without bleach when cleaning. As with any new surface, the finish or shine can be dulled or damaged by abrasive cleaners or bleach.   In addition, maintain the caulking (nonsilicone) around all refinished surfaces, especially bathtubs, and do not use a suction mat of any kind in a refinished bathtub.

 If you use a nonsuction mat, you must remove it after each use to avoid moisture buildup between the mat and the tub.  This also includes chairs which are used within the tub.

Q:  Why should I refinish versus buy a replacement bathtub?

A:  The short answer is that it could be significantly more expensice to refinish versus replace.  Although the replacement tub may be just a few hundred dollars there are several things worthy of consideration:

1.  Cost to remove old tub and proper dispose off.

2.  Damage and repair to adjoining and/or adjacent tiles.

3.  Potential plumbing work to connect to new tub.

If refinishing is done properly like we pride ourselves at R's, your existing tub will look like it was that day that it was initially installed.   And at a fraction of the cost!